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WEF - "ADOPT 101 SPECIES" Project -- Conservation through Education


ONLY Knowledge can change human ATTITUDES and ACTION - and this is the ONLY realistic long-term Solution to our planet's Conservation Challenges - since humans are the single species with the most destructive effect on the environment and survival of ALL other living species!

Change the destructive attitudes & actions of humans ... and you've changed the fate of our planet and the survival of millions of living species - INCLUDING OUR OWN!!!

WHY the WEF's "Adopt 101 Species" project?

1. Africa is home to more than 25% of the world's mammal species, but during the past 80 years the numbers of large mammals in Africa have been decreased by between 80 and 96% - mainly due to habitat loss and unsustainable consumption (including hunting by humans from all over the world).

2. By adopting one (or more) of the 101 Mammal species included in this WEF project, YOU will BE the HERO supporting CONSERVATION EDUCATION (the ONLY long-term Solution to all Conservation challenges) - YOU will GIVE 101 mammal species a VOICE and help create a global awareness of the survival status and fate of each one of these 101 species (i.e. 101 species listed in the award-winning book: "AFRICA's MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species").

3. YOUR support will also enable the WEF to do CONSERVATION EDUCATION on an even larger scale on your behalf - "Whatever we want to do - DO IT NOW - there are only so many tomorrows"!

WHAT the WEF do:

* During the past few years, the WEF (Wildlife Education Foundation) has been reaching more than 130 000 people per year with our Conservation Education projects, presentations and workshops (View More).
It is a known fact that the earth can support an estimated three billion people; presently there are almost seven billion humans with an estimated nine billion by 2050!!!
This makes education for sustainable development and conservation the most important priority of our generation - that is, if we as the human species want a planet that can sustain us, our children and all the other living creatures that we share this magical planet with!

Why do we want all these different species to survive?

  • Our planet's existance depends on a healthy environment, which in turn is supported by a rich biodiversity.
  • Presently, our planet is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plant and animal species - the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
  • Scientists estimate we're now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate - literally losing species daily.
  • Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species - the HUMAN species is almost wholly responsible with the main cause of extinctions, being human population growth and per capita consumption. In fact, the biggest recorded threat to biodiversity comes from the combined impacts of habitat loss and degradation, driven by unsustainable human consumption.
  • The magnitude of this devastating human onslaught against the very planet that sustains us, is mind-blowing and can only be attributed to a HUGE lack of knowledge and compassion, PLUS an avoidance to "WALK the WALK" - BE the HERO now!
  • SHOCKING FACT: It took the human species millions of years to reach 1 billion in number (1804), but merely another 208 years (1804-2011) to reach 7 billion in numbers!!!


  • Just imagine the HUGE positive effect that 7 billion informed & KNOWLEDGEABLE human beings can have on the environment and quality of life for ALL!!!
  • Start here and now - BE the HERO - be pro-active - be willing to "WALK the WALK" now - each one of us can be the HERO in our own life story by doing one small deed at a time - be part of this conservation awareness project and help us to do more for ALL of us!!!


We are all born HEROES for our planet: BE the HERO - Adopt a Species today and you'll not only receive ALL the perks included in YOUR selection (visit: the WEF's Project/campaign page on, YOUR name/organisation/business name will be added to the specific species name on the WALL of HEROES!

View the WALL of HEROES


How do I adopt a species?

Visit the WEF "Adopt 101 Species" Campaign page on and select your Option and associated perks.

May I adopt more than one species?

Yes, as many as you want (see details on our campaign page).

Do I receive an official "Adoption Certificate" for each species I adopt?

Yes, a personalised certificate for every "adoption" - CLICK HERE to view a sample certificate.

How do I add my name on the wildlife "WALL of HEROES" page?

Just adopt a species as described above, and YOUR name/organisation/business name will be added to the wildlife "WALL of HEROES" page.

HOW and WHEN do I receive my official "Adoption/HERO Certificate"?

You'll receive your certificate as a High Resolution download via email within 24 hours after we've received Proof of Payment (usually happens automatically via

How do I know that my Certificate is authentic?

Each certificate has a unique serial number, watermark, WEF Official's signature and YOUR personal name/detail.

Can I adopt a species on behalf of somebody else (individual and/or organisation)?

Yes, you just need to provide us with the correct detail when "adopting" via the campaign page.

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